Macchinari Accessori

Industrial mixers

Mixers are used in all the production lines of cereal puffed cakes and snacks to prepare cereals before sending them to the puffing machines.

industrial cereal mixer

Cereal transport system

cereals conveyors

Cereal transport systems are necessary for companies who wants to have automatic charging of cereals from the stocking area to the mixer and to the puffing machines. They can be flexible screw conveyor or pneumatic, usually vacuum, and most of time equipped with buffer hoppers.

Suction systems

Suction systems are usually part of production lines of cereal puffed cakes and snacks. Idealmac has designed specific suction hoods to be installed on Green Puff which allow a proper aspiration of all the steam ad fumes released during the cooking process. The hoods always have rear panels that can be opened for an easier access and to be cleaned.

The system is modular and can be adapted to any battery of machines. Usually, it is associated with a filtering system to reduce emissions into the atmosphere. It is also possible to combine a horizontal conveyor to transfer cereal to the puffing machines.

industrial dust collection system

Cereal dryers

Dryers are used to quickly eliminate humidity contained in the product just issued from the machines, mostly in the salted snacks production, when the customer wants a high level of crunchiness or in the sweet snacks production, after the application of water-based syrups.

Idealmac dryers are entirely realized in stainless steel and can have from 1 to 5 floors with different lengths depending on the application.

industrial cereals dryer

Flavouring systems

Capacity from 40 KG/H to 200KG/H.

Flavouring systems are necessary to whom needs to put oil and salt/flavours on puffed snacks, extruded or baked products. Thanks to the drum design it is possible to obtain an excellent flavour homogeneity and distribution.
The system is composed by:

  • a vibrating or swinging channel to convey the product at the entry, which has a weighting system (optional) to manage the quantity of oil and flavours inn function of the quantity of product transiting.;
  • a system of oil dosing;
  • a system of salt/flavours dosing;
  • an integrated control system managed by a PLC with a simple and user friendly HMI.
Flavouring equipment
flavouring system

Cleaner / Strainers

industrial sieving equipment

Cleaners and strainers are realized with a perforated drum which allows the separation of small parts of cereals which were not used into the product. These are collected in a drawer under the machine. It is possible to set the rotation speed and the drum inclination.

Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts are completely realized with stainless steel. The belt can be of different colours, can be metal detectable, with or without porters and it can have different dimensions depending on the type of transported product and on the distance it has to go through.

cereals conveyors belts