idealmac: technologies for food industry

Idealmac can guarantee to its customers the consistency of the food production process in the agri-food industry thanks to its expertise and know-how acquired over more than 20 years.

The perfect knowledge of the production line allows Idealmac to carry out on-site audits, to provide customized advice and to offer the sale of new or second-hand equipment of very high quality.

With our total independence we ensure the respect of the professional ethics, confidentiality and a full commitment in order to reach the results expected by each one of our customers.

Idealmac puffing machine

puffing machines for cakes and non-fried snacks

We design and realize innovative machines with a high power but low consumption, for the production of puffed cakes and non-fried snacks made of cereals, pulses and/or pellet.

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cereals processing equipment

Complementary machines

Complementary machines for transport, dosing, mixing cereals and for the packaging of finished product. Collaborative robots and automation.

Complementary machines

audits and projects

  • Audit of existing production lines or whole production sites
  • Flow and processes analysis, detection of possible problems, solutions suggestions
  • Study and project for the expansion of lines or design of complete plants
  • Preparation and commissioning of new plants
  • Assistance in the development of new products and new technologies
  • Industrial development consultancy
  • Project management: planning, organization, test support, start-up assistance

about us

giovanni lavista

Managing Director

CEO and GM for more than 20 years in companies operating in the agri-food sector mostly in the extrusion and cereals puffing.

guido baret

Technical Director

Plant manager for more than 30 years and expert in the production of candies, fruit juices, jams, extrusion process and cereals puffing.